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Easy Test has two layouts with two different databases for each, one for Arabic tests and one for English. Both layouts have consist of two sections, Test Section and Administration Section.
Test Section aims:
"        Users have to provide user name and user ID (User ID optional) before accessing test section.
"        Users can specify the quantity of questions required for a test as well as test time.
"        Easy Test will randomize the test and rearrange multiple choice orders on each test run.
"        Users can save the test to file.
Administration Section aims:
"        Accessing administration section required a password to be entered by the user (default password is 1234).
"        Easy Test provide Arabic/English layout for administration section.
"        Admin users will be able to change administration password.
"        Admin users can add, delete, import and edit test on database.
Download here (82 M) 32BIt OS only

Easy Test